Is it worth it?

For a fraction of the cost of one consult with a holistic doctor or the cost of a single workout with a personal trainer, Heltha’s gives you unlimited access to an advanced certified holistic doctor specialized in hormone balancing who is a holistic wellness professional, nutrition expert, and behavior-change coach all in one.

Why do I need another doctor?

With your Heltha doctor, you’ll work to uncover deficiencies in your body. Your doctor will help translate your data and hold you accountable to see meaningful changes in your performance.

How does Heltha compare to other health & wellness programs?

Other health and wellness programs don’t provide access to natural supplements, nutrition, and bio-identical hormones that tackle the physical obstacles, biomarker deficiencies, that will sabotage your progress. Heltha gives you access to data, doctors, and treatments that tackle the biological barriers between where you are and where you want to be.

How does Heltha doctors compare to other doctors or health coaches?

Your Heltha doctor is your dedicated partner to address hormonal imbalance and achieve optimal health. Other doctors do not address issues such as adrenal fatigue, elevated values or depleted values, but should be used to address disease-related issues. Health coaches and nutritionists may suggest dietary and exercise changes but do not give you access to the prescription supplements and bio-identical hormones accessible by doctors certified in hormone balancing.

How does the app work?

Heltha is mobile-first, meaning everything related to your health and wellness is managed through our iOS and Android apps.

Some of what you can do with our app includes:

24×7 access – Heltha doctors are always available to help with health issues and questions that come up and provide concierge-like service. If you’re traveling or just too busy for visiting the doctor’s office, your Heltha doctor is there to help remotely, saving you unnecessary in-person visits if you don’t need them or aren’t able to come visit in person.

Your data in one place – all of your activity plans, blood test results, telehealth visit records and historical issues live in one place on your phone.

Follow-ups and reminders – don’t worry about taking notes during a telehealth visit; everything discussed gets pushed to your phone, with easy access to follow-up questions, reminders regarding lab tests and prescriptions, and anything else that may come up.

When can I reach my doctor?

Doctors are really busy and calendars fill up quickly. Don’t worry: there is always enough time in the week for you to get connected and secure messaging is included.

How do I sync Heltha with my device?

Heltha can sync with apple Health Kit and most wearable devices (Fitbit, Garmin, you name it) all connect their data. It’s easy! Once you’ve purchased a membership, open the Heltha app, tap the bottom “Activities” menu. Then simply choose what data you’d like to share from Apple Health Kit. Currently we are syncing steps, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, height and weight.

What is Doctor Messaging?

Doctor Messaging is a secure chat messaging platform on Heltha’s app. The big difference from e-mail with your doctor and our Doctor Messaging is that everything in Heltha’s app is transmitted with SSL encryption. Your messages sent through our Doctor Messaging feature are therefore HIPAA compliant. Read more on “Why not just use regular e-mail?