How does Heltha work with insurance?

Heltha is completely independent of your health insurance – we don’t bill anything we do to your health insurance plan.

This approach has some major advantages for our members:

No co-pays or fees – for anything we do onsite or as part of our practice.

We will not send a bill to your insurance plan, which means we aren’t required to charge you a co-pay, and you won’t get a bill in the mail months later for things you didn’t expect. If we ever do anything that takes you outside of our system (such as a prescription treatment or lab test order), we’ll make sure you know.

Being able to talk to your specialist doctor via a mobile app is common sense. But a traditional doctor won’t do it because they don’t get paid to – there’s no insurance billing code for a quick chat, and thus no reason for a normal doctor to do it. Because we are independent of insurance, we are free to develop technologies like our app, accessible lab data, and health activity data from any wearable device connected to Apple health.