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Each plan pairs you with a specialist doctor to help you uncover your own body’s secrets. Learn from your cortisol and DHEA levels or from balancing testosterone and estrogen to optimize your body’s vitality, immunity, fitness and performance.

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No two people are alike; so why take generic advice about your hormonal and nutrient needs?
By connecting with your specialized Heltha doctor, based on results from advanced lab testing, you’ll gain the insight and information you need to uncover the performance medicine plan best suited to your optimal health.


You wish you had more energy to get stronger and back in good shape, but choosing the right nutrients and supplements for your skin, weight, activity level and more can be challenging – and often quite frustrating. You can depend on our specialized doctors to simplify the process!


You’re a lean machine with a ready routine. But are you getting the optimum blend of nutrients, hormone and dietary supplements and recovery strategies to keep you at peak performance? Receive cutting-edge analysis of your results and effective treatments to fuel your success.


Stressed, busy and overextended, you need more control to maintain powerful, lasting health. That’s why your concierge doctor and quarterly advanced diagnostic testing is so vitally important. Enjoy the energy, mental clarity, fitness and confidence that come from your tailored program.

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  • Personalized Treatment Plan & Lab Analysis
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  • 10% Off Lab Tests
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  • Two 15 minute Telehealth Visits
  • 15% Off Lab Tests
  • 15% Off Prescription Treatments
  • Two Performance Lab Tests every year
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  • Three 15 minute Telehealth Visits
  • 20% Off Lab Tests
  • 20% Off Prescription Treatments
  • Four Performance Lab Tests every year

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